APREHENDIZAJE emerges from an intense period of consciousness (of the being, psychological and philosophical). Prácticamente I was almost living in a full-time abstraction where I dealt with frustrationambitionlovedesire of freedomdespair for meaningobsession.


This flow of emotions unchained what I feel is my vital sentence. Some kind of skeletal monster that feeds on my emotional experiences and their consequent objective and abstract processing of information. This skeleton is pure learning,the very structure of itself, it's my APREHENDIZAJE*.


So I started this project. It’s motivation and philosophy comes to this concept, being conscious of the common source of the various vital processes (from drinking and eating, to learning about ‘need’ and ‘urgency’, or even moving around in the kitchen and practising an instrument).


I desire with all my heart to be able to share my excitement for the concept of individuality and that together we embark on a joint journey towards our singularities . This way, APREHENDIZAJE becomes a timeless skeleton that we all get to adapt and use as we please, such as in an ephemeral act like a concert or a long vital process.


Apart, and included, from all this emotional and conceptual baggage. APREHENDIZAJE also compounds awesome music, lights and colors, entertainment and energy, the best plan for this autumn, and in the end, a YOUNG and FREELANCE project eager to develop.

With so much heart
and some brain too

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